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You are all invited to watch with great attention the following youtube video

with Gary Yourofsky revealing all the negativities and risks for our health by eating dairy products and animals. In addition, serious arguments and discussions about our wrong relationship with the animals of this planet are being raised.

G.Yourofsky is an international activist on animals' rights and veganism for at least the last decade. Everybody should watch the above video and take lessons from him...For more information please visit


We welcome you to the following youtube video

in order to watch one more example of the power inside any substantial protest and people's unity.

The event took place in Italy just last spring (2011).


In the following video Mike Adams has a discussion with Alex Jones regarding the targeted movements of giant corporations and officers in powerful positions over the planet as for the global nutrition control, through the famous strategy 'problem-reaction-solution'. The people who create the problem become self-annointed planet's saviours, manipulating the masses.

Thus, please filter the bits of information that reach you, be awaken, act wisely and positively:


The journalist George Sahinis discuss with Professor, Dr Adonis Foskolos (Polytechnic School of Crete) in "Antithesis", Crete TV about the enormous 'treasures' (mineral, natural gas etc.) hidden in the Greek territory, both land and seabed.


The famous intervention by the Professor, Dr G.Kassimatis (law & constitution) regarding Greece's memorandum (spring 2011) in the following video:


Manos Kaklamanos and Demetris Kazakis (financial analyst) shed light over the network and hidden parts of the cruel international speculation:

Please read the following link regarding Codex Alimentarius and find many truths about the absolute nutrition's control tool for the masses:


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