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Invitations for action and support to current social issues through

- e-voting, e-petitions

- forwarding info to friends, colleagues, acquaintances

- physical presence to certain events

- charity initiatives

- med mobs (meditation mobs)


2nd Panhellenic Protest for the well-being of the Animals

29.03.2015, Athens

Our organisation in collaboration with the initiative veganism-now, peace food diet, integrative justice, friends and associates of the global Peace Food Diet network participates in the protest, so as to contribute to making more visible the connection between the well-being of our planet and human beings' respect to the Life, Freedom and Well-Being of our beloved animals.

Peace Food Diet as an everyday choice and practice contributes greatly to the well-being of our planet and its beings.


"Feel your Peace!" - MedMob in public spaces of Athens


On Saturday, 15.12.2012, our organisation invited everybody, regardless of age and walk of life, in a silent sitting focused on our inner peace and, furthermore, on the manifestation of peace in every human activity, every moment in time.

December's 2012 MedMob took place at Dionysiou Aeropagitou pedestrians' street, just underneath the sacred Acropolis hill.

During the sitting everybody was invited to feel the joy and warmth in their hearts through their inner silence, spiritual uplifting and sense of power that the silent bonding with everybody in the team promotes, which minute after minute was growing and growing, anonymously and peacefully, by the integration of passers-by who joined the initial peace sitters.

So simple, so quiet, so powerful!

Everybody who participated in this public peace event was encouraged to feel united with the group, wish for everybody's higher good and contribute to the empowerment of the positive thinking, concord and cooperation of which our planet has enormous need.


DO AS ONE - 1 billion people around the globe BREATHED TOGETHER, SIMULTANEOUSLY

On the 11th.11.2012 the 'DOASONE' NGO invited people around the globe to breathe simultaneously as one living being, as one entity. People from every corner on Earth became ONE via their breathing, the function which is principal and common in every living being of our planet.

For further details and contact please visit, where you may have access to several initiatives towards Global Unity.


Christmas Bazaar "Streets of Life, Support of socially disadvantaged Children and Families"

Everybody is invited to visit the link, in order to receive the necessary information about the sectors that need our support during the preparation stage of the annual Christmas Bazaar of the above organisation. This year the bazaar shall be hosted into the 87th Intercultural School at Gazi, 10th-11th of December 2011.

Fruits, honey, and confectionary raw materials,...ribbons, fabrics, visual arts material,...ideas,...few bits of our personal time,...smiles and positivity,...everything of the above is most welcomed!


Support to Women Prisoners in Thebes

We are all invited to offer to the women prisoners anything we do not need! The scientific staff of the Elaionas Prison, Thebes (social workers and psychologists), in order to enhance as much as possible the living conditions for the imprisoned women (teenagers, mothers with their children, overaged ladies) have started collecting 'useful' objects of any kind.

Main goal is the creative use and enhancement of their free time, their personal development and the protection, preservation of human dignity. As in every micro-society, the same within prisons - places of compulsory individuals' gathering and coexistence - a variety of needs is always present.

As it is easily understood, what may be useless or forgotten in our homes, offices and cellars could offer solutions and become substantial relief and breath of life to other people.

Thus, we could offer:

- Clothes, shoes, bedsheets, blankets, towels

- Small heating units, stoves etc.

- PCs, printers, fax machines

- Posters with landscapes or other subject-matter, in order for the atmosphere of the rooms to become more lively and colourful

- Electrical appliances not needed any more (fridges, washing machines, TVs) or small cooking appliances
- Desks, chairs, drawers, pieces of furniture not needed in the company/office you work for...
- Personal care and sanitary items
- Telephone cards …and anything else you wish and can offer

For more information please contact Ms Martha Tavoularea (social worker in the prison) at the tel.No 22620 73028.
Otherwise you just mail the objects to the following address:
Women’s Prison, Elaionas, Thebes, Greece, Postal Code: 32200


"The Streets’ Children" House
There is a solution for not throwing away any of our children’s clothes, small pieces of furniture and toys which are in good condition. We could give them to “The Streets’ Children House”.

Address: 6-8, Aristonos str. & 165, Konstantinoupoleos str., Metaxourgeio
Tel. 210.5239.402, 210.5221.149
Contact person: Ms Myrto Lemou (social worker)
Daily from 11:00-18:00


Please read the following text about Women’s Education of the Planet, watch the relevant short video and act, act, act…:

EDUCATION FOR ALL - 1 in 4 Women can't read this!

Everyone deserves a quality education, but right now 67 million children and 759 million adults are missing out - and two thirds of them are women and girls. Half a billion women and girls are missing an education for many reasons: girls are more likely to be kept at home to support their families, long distances to school can make the journey dangerous for girls and the still-rife practice of charging fees for school often means families - where they have the means - choose education for sons over daughters.

Education for women and girls brings huge benefits to families and fighting poverty:
•    A child born to a literate mother is 50% more likely to survive past the age of 5 years
•    A girl in Africa who has completed basic education is three times less likely to contract HIV
•    The economic cost to 65 low/middle income countries of failing to educate girls to the same standard as boys is $92 billion each year - this is just below the total amount of annual overseas aid to development.

You can help to make it right for women and girls by taking action here:


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