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We are looking for youngsters aged 15-18 years old, interested in the following Youth Exchange which shall take place in June 2012.

The s p i r a l participates in the International Youth Exchange about salt mining traditions "The salt tale", as one of the three partners/countries invited by the Centrum Mlodziezy im. H. Jordana (Jordan Youth Centre) in Krakow, Poland, which is the host country. Core element of the workshop is the meeting of people from regions with salt tradition and young people interested in the idea, so there could be continuation of this project in the future in other countries.

Program (provisional):
•    Visiting Wieliczka city;
•    Visiting city Krakow;
•    Learning about history and culture of the region;
•    Visiting Wieliczka Salt Mine;
•    Visiting local museum – salt cellar’s exhibition;
•    Making salt cellars workshop;
•    Learning about occupations related to salt mining;
•    Tales and legends related to salt mining;
•    Traditions and methods of salt mining in Europe – participant’s presentation for citizens;
•    Salt mining and ecology;
•    Salt mining and health – visiting underground hospital;
•    Salt mines as tourist attraction – discussion;
•    Photo workshops;
•    Art workshops;
•    Making website of the project, PowerPoint presentation;
•    Learning about culture of all participants;
•    Integration games, leisure activities;

Participants: 18-22 years old 

9 youngsters from each country. Participants will communicate in English.

Costs: Participants pay 30% of travel costs + insurance. Youth in Action Program will pay all the rest (70% of travel costs, food, accommodation, program and leisure activities).

Place of exchange: Wieliczka city near Krakow. The historic Salt Mine in Wieliczka (UNESCO) is the only mining site in the world functioning continuously since the Middle Ages.

Mine's official site:

Looking forward to your communication!


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