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After accepting, with great pleasure and honour, the invitation for participation in the yearly Festival for Solidarity and Cooperative Economy, our organisation completed a peace food workshop under the title:

"The dynamics of Peace Food and its contribution to the Story of Connection, solidarity and harmonic coexistence."

The workshop took place in the Plato Academy Cooperative Cafe, within the context of the Festival, on Sunday, the 18th of October 2015.

After the completion of the workshop, we organised a peace food pot luck where people were invited to contribute with their handmade peace dish in our shared, collective lunch, which took place in a neighbouring ceramics school in Plato Academy on Sunday.

Our organisation conducted a 2-hour free, experiential, participative adults' workshop in the context of the Eco-Festival in Chalkida, the topic of which has been "Peace food: How it contributes to the New Story for our planet, the Story of Connection which has already been born", on Saturday, the 3rd of October 2015.

Participants received knowledge for the holistic approach and identity of the Peace Food, shared and discussed, expressed their difficulties, received answers to their questions and worries, participated in group singing inspired by the topi. The workshop ended with peaceful hugs and many smiles!

Looking forward to our next visit to Chalkida...

'the s p i r a l, holistic education' supported the volunteers' team and initiative "Dance for a Cause", 8th-9th of October 2011, Peace and Friendship Stadium, New Faliro

The non-profit group DANCE FOR A CAUSE implemented the "Dance for a Cause" charity event for second time since it started. Main aim of the initiative is the financial support of two non-profit social bodies with the totality of the amount of income from the charity event.

STAY STRONG and THE FAITH are the two social bodies, both supporting people with cancer.

You may visit the link for further details about the initiative and the content of the 2-day event.

One of our volunteers participated in the European Youth Meeting "Developing Youth Participation and Democratic Citizenship through ICT", Palermo, Sicily, 21st-28th of June 2011.

Topics of the Meeting-Workshop:

- Youth participation

- ICT (Information and Communication Technology)

- Human Rights

The workshop encourages young people from all over Europe to participate in every level of social and political life of their locality and country, introducing them with new and innovative ways regarding how they may evolve and influence current living situations by bringing even changes to problematic fields of their communities.

The workshop followed and was inspired by non-formal education methodologies, experiential learning, dialogue and participation, learning by doing, active listening, reflection and cooperative spirit.

The spiral was invited by the international organisation CEIPES (International Centre for the Promotion of the Education and Development),

Project funded with the support of the European Youth Foundation, Council of Europe.


On Saturday, 21st of May 2011 everybody was invited to the clean-up campaign for the beach of Kavos, Lichas, North-West of Euboea island.
The s p i r a l participated for second time to this campaign, organized by the NGO MED SOS, “Clean up the Mediterranean sea. Voluntary clean-ups of beaches, sea beds and natural resources”, 1st-31st of May 2011 (
The initiative has been under the auspices of UNEP/MAP and implemented with the cooperation of EU representatives in Greece and the scientific support of the Sea Geology and Natural Oceanography Lab of the Geology Dpt., University of Patras.

We thank you for your willingness and participation!

See you again soon...



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