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unity singing & circle dance

unity singing & circle dance

- Experiential meetings,

- celebrations,

- monthly sessions,

- workshops,

- retreats,

- women's circles,

- training the trainers (7-10 days)

Everybody is invited to participate
regardless of age, physical/voice condition, music background, occupation, interests.

Up to now several sessions/experiences have been implemented at

Kypseli's Municipal Agora (Athens, Greece),

Athens University,

Ermoupoli's main square, Syros island (Greece),

Life-Blossom multi-space,

primary schools in Attica,

nursary schools in Attica and Lakonia, Greece,


cooperative cafes,

spaces for alternative healing,

NGOs for elderly people,

homes and care centres for elderly people,

Korogonas Ark eco-community and other communities iin Europe,

during European Erasmus+ Youth programmes,

groups of studens,

Pupils' International Conference (May 2023), Climate Neutrality @ Eleusis, Cultural Capital of Europe 2023,

the international inaugural Conference at Harvard Divinity School on “Ecological Spiritualities", April 2022,

women's empowering circles in Lakonia, Greece,

the yearly retreat-education "unity singing & movement in the circle", on July.

enotiko tragoudi

Songs of easy verses/lyrics and uniting, harmonious, lyrical melodies from secular and sacred traditions of Europe, Asia, Africa, North & South America, Australia, islands of the Pacific Ocean, as well as of circle dances for global peace & harmonious co-existence.

The majority of the songs is embraced by simple movements in the circle which accentuates the meaning and symbolisms of each song while simultaneously cultivate unity & connection spirit/atmosphere.

♥ inner power ♥ voice & self- acceptance ♥ joy from authentic, effortless expression ♥ enjoyment of the moment ♥ experimentation ♥ playfulness ♥ sharing ♥ unity’s power ♥ solidarity spirit ♥ positivity ♥ e-motions ♥ connection with mother earth ♥ grounding ♥ emergence of peace communities

3 circle dance offer

Each voice has a message to the world and its vibration is unique!
When human voices unite through the global language of music, everything becomes possible and simple.
The beneficial vibration, the inner power and the uniting spirit multiply for the collective good!

"Circle dances remind us that everything passes, the transitoriness of things..."


Comments, impressions from participants

"Serenity, joy, peace of mind, unprecedented feelings, beauty and what was delivered not only by the magic of the place but also by the magic of the presence of the beloved beings who participated in the dances… Grateful for the sharing and attunement!"

10.07.2022, Trypi, Sparti, A.R.

"The circle dance has been pure delight!"

10.07.2022, Trypi, Sparti, M.G.

"Although physically my energy was low that day, the whole experience was very beautiful and it helped me not only to function but also to attune myself to the cosmic flow and the circle! I thank you, maria, for taking up the task to present and teach us the dances as well as the spirit and messages that transpire them."

10.07.2022, Trypi, Sparti, D.M.


"A circle completed and a new beginning is here in the same manner that the river flow never ends, the flow of life, the flow for peace and tranquillity all over Mother Earth, as she gives birth to the most beautiful landscapes which we have not yet seen, the most exquisite smells which we have not yet smelled, the most exotic flavours which we have not yet tasted, the sounds of songs which She gently murmurs and have not yet reached our ears…and above all the warm, endless hugs from her magnificent creatures which we have not yet met. Shall we go again?"


10.07.2022@Trypi, Sparti, A.P.


«I was amazed at the power of the unity singing and dance led by Maria via Zoom to our group here in eastern Australia. It really was a beautiful example of unity across culture and distance. Deep bow to this lovely peace building process.»

- Dec. 2020, Peace Valley, Australia, J.F.

"[…] moving songs, songs from various parts of the world on various topics such as the birth, the good, our mission, how much we are all ONE, our connection with Gaia. Sweet sensation, warm, with joy and positivity. Inspiration to us and the people who were watching us. Bright energies were finding their grounding in the sweet earth of Ermoupolis in Syros island, Greece! I thank you with infinite love!"

- 26.08.2019 @ Ermoupoli, Syros, S.P.

"I received a small, sweet flavour of the circle dances with Maria. I wish thαt soon we could all experience more."

- 26.08.2019 @ Ermoupoli, Syros, G.

"I realised that unity and companionship have been beneficial for me . […] I shall try to connect with the others.”
- 02.02.2019, University of Athens Students’ Association

“I was impressed by the fact that one verse of/from the heart and the movement unite people. […] I have learnt about myself that I need more movement.”
- 02.02.2019, University of Athens Students’ Association, G.M.

"It was very welcoming and peaceful. A new experience and a feeling that I can connect with people even if I don’t understand the language. […] I learned that it takes me a bit of time to feel relaxed in a group. At first I felt cautious but at the end I was more at peace."

- 30.11.2018, S.

"I am impressed that I was less embarrassed than what I thought I would be. [...] De-blockage, re-thinking. [...] Apparently I enjoy hugs with strangers. [...] Very nice! Maria [the facilitator], you have 100% got it!"

- 30.11.2018, Κ.Κ.

"How singing can unite people! […] Thank you for your beautiful activity."
- 30.11.2018,Ν.S.

"I felt joy and unity with the participants [...] a joyful, creative flow within myself. [...] I deeply appreciate the training/education you have received [Maria] and the fact that you deliver it to us so generously, in order to open up towards something beautiful and new to me."
- November 2017, P.Ν.

"Serenity, clarity, great joy, relaxing, surrendering [...] power, gratitude, cooperation."
- November 2017, D.S.

"I take with me the connection with the group and the earth, the relief I felt when singing and dancing, the fact that I managed to focus my thoughts and my body on the Moment. [...] I was impressed how singing and dancing can unite people [...]"
- November 2017, P.Κ.

"The sounds of the music and the peoples liberate the Human towards participating and feeling great joy. [...] There are so many which constitute a blessing calling to be found. [...] I realized the opening of the heart and the mutual collaboration. [...]"
- November 2017, Μ.H.

"Thank you very much, Maria for the 2-hour session of connection and unity you offered to us.
It has been far more better than any afternoon rest or meeting with friends. 
The experience has warmed up not only our voices but also our hearts.
As if through magic we travelled to spaces and countries first-known to us and we connected with other people in the group positively unexpectedly. [...]"
- November 2017, A.S.

"Through singing in the circle we literally became a team, our hearts opened and we felt familiarity as if known each other well from the past... Hence, the wishes flew natural as effortless expression towards beloved ones!
Beautiful experience! We thank you, Maria :) Have a great continuation!"
- November 2017, Ο.Τ.

"I warmly thank you for the invitation to the workshop and its beautiful content, the songs, the dance and particularly the warm atmosphere among the participants. [...] Before closing I would like to stress the emotional movement within me due to the stories which accompanied each of the songs from traditions of the globe which our facilitator, Maria Angeli, conveyed to us […] A big bravo to Ms Angeli and a lot of gratitude towards her endeavours to reach and generously offer this valuable material to us. :)"

- November 2017, V.S.

"The singing and dancing have rejuvenated us, made us travel [with our minds and hearts] and united us with other races & groups of people of this planet. An unforgettable life experience, a musical meditation of joy and soul empowerment. Gratitude for the invitation….Hope to meet again soon!

- November, 2017, Fanis



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