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silence & intrinsic peace in schools

short, valuable tribute to serenity and intrinsic silence…every day in schools, centres, foundations

The s p i r a l invites pupils of primary and secondary education along with their teachers in 20 up to 30-minute periods of silence and intrinsic peace within the classroom, during the school year, with the aim of adopting this practice in their everyday routine.

The concept has been successfully implemented during the celebration of the Global Educators’ Day, on the 5th of October 2011, when our organisation addressed invitation to the totality of the Greek schools. After our receiving particularly positive impressions and remarks from teachers, parents and pupils, we continuously cooperate with schools, centres, foundations and other bodies towards their applying this innovative, and simultaneously extremely simple and genuine, activity.
Today’s restless, noisy and multicoloured everyday life, full of stimuli, processes, situations and surprises, presupposes a good and deep relation with our intrinsic peace and the deletion of the intrinsic ‘noise’ which awakens various sources of tensions, fears, anxieties. Following this path we develop values of Love and Gratitude towards the Self and the World around us. These global human values constitute key factors related to issues of active citizenship, responsibility, creativity, continuous learning and willingness to offer, collaborate and share.
The  s p i r a l addresses this invitation in order for every level of education to adopt such practices of intrinsic silence and peace during the learning process, as everyday practice. The time of silence does not delay the learning process. On the contrary, it lays the path to new knowledge fields, subjects and experiences, along with the assimilation of the old ones, to be fulfilled, providing simultaneously the space to creative, bold thinking and collaborations among people, without filters of fear.

The benefits from such silence ‘intervals’ have been profoundly studied by a wide range of specialists. Indicatively we suggest that you watch the following short video which provides you with examples and cases: «Change begins within»:

Dear children and teachers, during the time of Silence, let us listen to our Self and believe in the Self at the same time. This trust becomes the certain path towards psychic balance, constant creativity and personal empowerment.

The intrinsic silence constitutes the first step towards facing stressful situations which ignite imbalance within the human entity, especially within youngsters. It also constitutes the starting point of a substantial transaction with our weaknesses, no matter how much hidden they are. The intrinsic noise tends to cover every grey, dark element of the Self and keeps the personality within a superficial, foamy relation with the Self.

What is the teacher invited to do:
- Select a 20 up to 30-minute period of time within your everyday flow of school activities
- Place your chairs or pillows within a circular formation. The children are invited to sit keeping their back straight all the time. In case of a large number of pupils, you may form two circles.
- Select a piece of music with sounds from nature (rain, river, sea, wind etc.), cello, flute, serene music phrases in flow, without lyrics.
- Invite your group to close their eyes and concentrate as focused as possible on the sounds/the music.
- When reaching towards the end of the silence time, put the volume down gradually and invite the children to move their heads, necks, hands and feet slowly, gently…and to open their eyes, bringing with them every image they experienced within their head
-Discuss with your group their total experience, their feelings and sensations during the Silence time and encourage them to adopt short silence periods within the flow of the day.

In the case that the 20 or 30-minute time period gives the impression of being longer than your group could cope with, you are encouraged to start with shorter time-periods, gradually increased after each practice with the children.

The s p i r a l  is willing to be with you for guidance, inspiration and enrichment of this beneficiary practice.

Make your contact with us at 210 5616300, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ,  in order for your school to be included into our schedule.


A gathering dedicated to intrinsic peace and silence was experienced by a small, but powerful, group of pupils of the 1st grade of secondary education, during a Friday afternoon, on the 18th of November 2011, in the ‘Life’s Paths’ centre, Gazi, Athens. Our organization invited the pupils to an experiment with the Self. After the silence experience everybody highlighted the power and the clarity for the Self that few moments of substantial, deep silence, intrinsic focusing and creative visualization may offer. The sense of a group energy body was also fortified, according to the comments of the participants, both the pupils and the centre’s volunteers who also participated in this innovative gathering.

In the following image, some of the participants’ comments are presented…



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