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Peace food, Food of/for Life

October 2018, Dr Will Tuttle & his spouse in Greece

for talks, music performances and an immersive training (video with moments and experiences)

[Please also read further down the short review and thoughts for the future from maria a. angeli after Dr  Tuttle's stay in Greece.]

We proudly announce that during Vegan Life Festival Athens 2018, on the 7th of October 2018, at Technopolis City of Athens, and in continuance to an official invitation by our organisation “the spiral, holistic education, human values, lifelong learning” Dr Will Tuttle shall give the lecture 

“Ηealing our World: Α Deeper Look at Food. Τhe World Peace Diet”, a lecture not to be missed.

Time of the lecture: 19.00-20.00

Author of the best-seller "The World Peace Diet", Dr. Will Tuttle delivers an inspiring talk about the hidden dimensions of our culture’s food system.

You will discover new connections and learn how to make positive changes that nurture wellness, awaken insight and awareness, and bring healing to our world.

In addition, on Saturday, the 6th of October 2018, at 14.00, he shall give an open-air public lecture at the end of the march for the animals which will take place in the centre of Athens as part of the international movement for the animals' welfare and rights, endorsing animal liberation.

In the evening of the same day, at 19.00, during an evening at the Apollonio Conservatory in Athens he shall give both a lecture and a piano performance accompanied by his flutist spouse, Madeleine Tuttle: "Planting Peace. Words and Music for an Awakening World".

A similar event is to be hosted also in Thessaloniki on the 9th of October 2018, at 19.00, in the welcoming space of the NGO Oikopolis, open to everybody.

Will Tuttle’s inspiring original piano music evokes deep feelings and a sense of wonder and adventure. Join us for an experience of uplifting original music and words of truth & compassion.

Finally a training in vegan living is scheduled for the 7th of October 2018, 20.00-21.30, after Dr Tuttle's talk at the Vegan Life Festival, Athens, as part of it, addressing the following questions:

* Are you concerned about our culture's mistreatment of people, animals, and the Earth?
* Do you feel called to help create a positive future for our children and the world?
* Do you long to untangle and understand the hidden roots of the dilemmas we face as individuals & a society?
* Do you aspire to develop skills to embody, share, and teach healthy and compassionate living for service, fun, and/or your livelihood?

This World Peace Diet Training is created and offered by Dr. Tuttle to provide effective responses to these questions. This half-day workshop offers time for Q & A and discussion in a supportive and nurturing environment.
You will gain the tools to understand veganism as a spiritually, culturally, and physically transformational path of awakening and learn how to effectively bring this understanding to your community, friends, and family.
Besides lecture presentations going more deeply into the vegan teachings in The World Peace Diet, there will be exercises, meditations and discussions facilitated by Dr. Tuttle.
We will discuss the Five Levels of Health, the Seven Mentalities, and keys to spiritual and practical dimensions of vegan living.

“I've never seen an audience so attentive and enraptured as when Will Tuttle speaks.” - Tench Phillips, president, Art Repertory Films, Norfolk, VA

“Use The World Peace Diet as a guide to empower yourselves and others in making dietary choices that are powerful beyond what you can possibly imagine.” - Julia Butterfly Hill, environmental activist and noted author

“Dr. Will Tuttle is an inspirational force. The energy and expressions that I witnessed in the room around me were monumental.” - Jerrilyn Halbert, KPFT Radio, Houston

“When playing the piano, he works from his Buddha-nature, floating, not trying, beyond
mistakes.” Joseph Campbell, noted mythologist and writer

“The World Peace Diet is one of the most provocative books I’ve ever read. This is a deep book, aglow with insights that penetrate and expose the complacency of a culture that has strayed painfully far from compassion.” - John Robbins, noted author

about Dr Will Tuttle

Dr. Will Tuttle, visionary author of the international best-seller, The World Peace Diet, published in 16 languages, has lectured and performed widely throughout North America and worldwide. A featured expert in Cowspiracy and other documentary films, his doctorate degree from U.C., Berkeley, focused on educating intuition and altruism, and he has taught college courses in creativity, comparative religion, and philosophy. He’s a recipient of the prestigious Courage of Conscience Award and is a former Zen monk and Dharma Master in the Zen tradition. Editor of Circles of Compassion: Connecting Issues of Justice, and creator of 7 much-loved CD albums of original piano music, he’s noted for clear and inspiring presentations that often include his music as well as evocative animal paintings by his spouse, Madeleine, a visionary artist from Switzerland.

See for more details and for upcoming events.


short review and thoughts for the future


Dr Will Tuttle in Greece: «The World Peace Diet» & the healing of our planet

Pythagoras, Hippocrates, the gentle spirit of ancient Greeks,the Hellenic contribution to the manifestation of global human valuesupon Earth, the beauty of the country, the kindness of its people, the peace emissions of the blue sky and the blue sea have been only few of the connotations and messages drawn by Dr Will Tuttle’s messages while visiting Greece.

Along with his devoted company, his dear wife Madeleine and his friend and supporter Philip, Dr Will Tuttle experienced Hellas and the Hellenic spirit for five days, at the beginning of October this year (5-10 October 2018), a period of the year that Nature prepares to rest and recollects Herself for the New Life to be conceived and bor

New consciousness is already being manifested in our contemporary world, a consciousness of connection and unity.

Healing our life, our Self, our planet through our plate, through our food has been the main focus of Dr Will Tuttle’s talks, workshops, music performances in Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece.

Which are the hidden dimensions of our food?

Why and how we disconnect ourselves from it?

How could we contribute to the re-connection with our food, nature, eco-systems, plants, sentient beings of our planet, plus our Self and the Truth?

What is Satya Graha (the Power of Truth) in this context?

What is vegan food and what is peace food really?

How do we enslave ourselves?

What’s LOVE got to do with all of these?


Freedom, truth, peace, compassionemerge stronger and stronger as catalysts in the global Peace (Food) movement andthe New Story, the Story of Connection.

Do we sense it? Do we feel it?

More than 18.000 peoplefelt it deeply in their bones in the Vegan Life Festival Athens 2018, as well as the participants/attendees of Dr Will Tuttle’s music performance in Athens, his lecture in Thessaloniki, the peace food potluck and workshop in Athens.

Our seemingly mundane act of receiving food during each day of our lifeheals or sickens our world in every aspect: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental, ethical, economical, societal. Our food is a lot more than our body’s fuel and our senses’ pleaser. It literally constitutes the cure to every dis-ease, especially the contemporary dis-eases of affluence and dis-connection.

People around the globe re-member and re-connect. Many of them are vegans without even calling themselves ‘vegans’. They honour ahimsa, compassion, truth, peace as much as possible in their everyday life. We salute them!

The shift in our consciousnessleads to positive shifts in our dietary patterns (diet=modus vivendi in ancient Greek) and vice versa!

Dr Will Tuttle eloquently presented the need of this holistic view upon FOOD during his stay in Greece. He inspired and touched many hearts of every age, reminding us all the importance of the Will (like his first name) in healing the world and our Self.

The questions addressed by the Greek audiences to Dr Will Tuttle on various occasions (talks, potluck, music performance, intervals, etc.) were deep, well-aimed and vibrating.

Let us all keep questioning ‘norms’, customs, traditions and habits! 

Let us all make one step each time towards positive transformations!

Let us all re-member, become members again of Mother Earth’s global family!

Let us all sing and dance the Song of Life!

“One by one everyone seems to remember. 
We are healing the world one heart at a time!”

(Thank you, Michael Stillwater, eco-villages and eco-communities around the globe for putting forward this beautifully unifying song of our present & future!)

Thank you Will, Madeleine and Philip for your dedication and noble mission.

We keep you warmly in our hearts and minds. 

We look forward to your coming to Greece again.

We look forward to establishing more synergies with you, just by following the synergistic nature of Nature!

More hugs, more wisdom, more awakening, more love, more light is already here for us.

Let us all roll up our sleeves and getto work, to love in action!


Korogonas Ark community, 15th of October 2018


maria a. angeli


* * *

Peace food, Food of/for Life

The potency and holistic healing qualities of Peace Food


 Have you ever thought

that our everyday biological need for food may constitute one of the catalysts towards personal and collective change/liberation?

that we follow an absurd and controversial for the individual and collective good model of nutrition which makes war against the Maternal Ecosystem and Coexistence, imposing the culture of Death and Separation upon the planet of Life and Connection

why what is mainly missing today is making peace with ourselves and then with the world around us?

the destructive consequences of the dominating model of nutrition not only upon health and environment but also upon our mental, emotional, conscientious integrity?

that our food should unite us and not bring us opposite to our planet and its entities and that the call of our time is the re-connection with the actual being of the ecosystem which has created us and hosts us as well as our more uniting, holistic perception of things?

that nutrition eventually constitutes one of the major powers for the transformation of our world?


Content of our workshops, retreats

the holistic approach of Peace Food…something more that vegan food

peace food & health (physical, psychological)

- peace food & environment, sustainability, eco-print, consumption

peace food and social justice, well-being of every entity on the planet

peace food and integrative/inclusive justice

peace food and global human values (peace, solidarity, compassion, empathy, freedom etc.)

peace food & spirituality, consciousness

peace food and unity: the new story, the story of Connection is the story which all of us are called to experience and serve


Parallel sessions during the workshops:

breaking myths and stereotypes of the dominating model of nutrition

valuable tips for cooking, supply of the ingredients, storing, nutritional value

food combinations

social life (restaurants, family gatherings, parties, celebrations)

preparation of meals and connection with our food

peaceful activism and education


Peace making in our world starts from our plate, which constitutes the mirror of our relationship with the world around us.

When people stop consuming animals, wars amongst people shall seize. (Pythagoras)


Our fork is the strongest weapon upon earth. (Mahatma Gandhi)


Experiential Adults’ Workshops

2-day experiential workshops in Attica, Greece

3-day experiential workshops in the Greek province


Monthly meetings

- Study groups on the World Peace Diet book

- Screenings

- Talks, lectures

- Pot lucks

- Festivals

- School projects

- Teachers’ trainings on the holistic effects of Peace Food


Individual sessions

- Personal counseling and transformative coaching for individuals



"The dynamics of the Peace Food Diet"
Monthly meetings & Experiential Workshops for Adults 

On the 1st Thursday of every month the monthly meeting of the Peace Food Diet initiative in Greece takes place at the Plato's Academy cooperative café, in Athens. Friends, collaborators, activists, parents, vegans, vegans-in-progress (!), people from different walks of life gather together to discuss the dimensions of the Peace Food Diet movement, its impact and gifts in various fields of life and the well-being of the planet.

During the evening selected screenings trigger, complement and embrace the discussion points of the group as well as readings and art creations in-situ.

From October 2015 until June 2016 each monthly meeting is inpsired and dedicated to a global human value: freedom, sincerity/truth, generosity/offer, gratitude/love/compassion etc.


"The dynamics of the Peace Food Diet"
Adults' Workshop and the 1st vegan pledge in Greece

Athens, 1st of November 2014

The first experiential workshop in Greece on Peace Food (Diet) was implemented with success and warm participation. The workshop also launched the first vegan pledge in Greece, which is supported by monthly gatherings towards a compassionate, conscious, healthy peace food diet, a food diet which promotes and serves global human values.

The workshop was hosted in the space of the Plato Academia Cooperative Café in Attica; it has been inspired by and dedicated to the 70-year anniversary of the global Peace Food Diet movement.

The workshop consisted of experiential games and activities, the ‘holistic eye’ upon our every day food choices, screenings and group discussions upon the hidden dimensions/hidden agendas of our choices as food consumers, the connection between food, our personal development and spirituality as well as global issues, Qs & As, group sharing and empathy, cooking and lunch. During lunch time more questions and doubts emerged which everybody had the chance to satisfy and answer after enjoying the well-balanced, highly nutritional, inspired, peace dishes!
Stay tuned for the next experiential workshops in Attica and all over Greece!
Please do invite us to your locality to implement a Peace Food Diet workshop and start a vegan pledge network in your community…


Let us all contribute to increasing the global peace food family!

Core topics: Our consciousness integrity, peace with the Self, contemporary death/cruelty/oppression culture, serious environmental/social/financial and political global issues, hidden agendas, our connection with our planet’s female element and the maternity of our ecosystem

Everybody is welcome to the monthly gatherings (screenings & discussion) of the Peace Food Diet initiative, in the evening of the first Wednesday each month.
Location: Plato Academia Cooperative Café

"The dynamics of the Peace Food Diet" in Greece has been a joyful offspring of the collaboration between the organisation «the spiral, holistic education, human values, lifelong learning» and the «veganism now, peace food diet» initiative.



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