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"Experiential Understanding of the Idea of Truce"

The programme has been running since the end of 2012 and has invited facilitators, social workers and educators of children's groups in the age of primary education as well as teachers of primary education to receive tools, methodology and inspiration for the application of the idea and practice of Truce in everyday life, within the school communities, camps and other children's groups, at home, at the workplace, during workshops and seminars etc.

Core values: Constructive dialogue, conflict management, sincere/honest connection, peaceful interaction, win-win solutions, social/interpersonal skills, self-awareness


"Values within intrinsic images"

Living Values in Education

October 2010, Athens

the s p i r a l, holistic education has been invited by the non-profit organisation Living Values in Education to conduct and facilitate a workshop during the two-day seminar “Art in Living Values – Living Values in Art”. The title of the workshop has been “Values within intrinsic images: Realisations, unity”.

The two-day seminar took place on the 8th-9th of October 2010 and was hosted in the multi-space Kivotos of the non-profit society for the Development of the Life’s Quality of Hindered Persons, DRO. It invited and addressed teachers, parents, students and everyone working with children.

Key-elementsoftheworkshopValues within intrinsic images: Realisations, unity”:

-cultivation of trust and faith to the self,

-activation of the senses apart from the vision (touch, balance, movement, hearing/listening, language, thinking/conceiving, spiritual identity/ego)
-activation of the inner ear and the sense of balance (‘I balance, decide, dare and take the risk),
-DIG (Dirty is Good), “I am getting dirty” – ‘I am taking care of the sense of touch/contact’
-movements’ coordination,
-coordination between spiritual-material image, vision’s materialisation/implementation (“... thus, the vision is rendered powerful and present…”),
-getting into the other person’s shoes (empathy),
-trust in general,
-healthy boundaries,
-intuition’s development (“…where are my limits for offering my help, so as not to put pressure or invade the healthy space/development field of the other person…”)

-healthy retreat for the profit of collaborations,
-the power of the sound,
-the need of devotion and focus,
-invigoration of the Unity sense (with everything around!),
-the sense of sharing and the psychological stamina gained through feeding each other with experiences and knowledge


The  s p i r a l continues to coordinate, facilitate and animate the HUMAN VALUES workshops for schools, NGOs, sensitive social groups, educators, volunteers, independent groups of children and adults…


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