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for educators, parents

for educators, parents

Personal development/empowerment, experiential workshops and trainings for parents, educators, teachers, facilitators, social workers, mentors

Experiential, holistic work for parents:
personal & collective empowerment
Sunday, 13.05.2018 (Mother's Day)
@ Syggrou Grove, Northern Suburbs, Athens

Parents of children of "the Walnut" Waldorf nursery school in Athens had the opportunity to participate in an experiential workshop for adults, inspired by fertility, motherhood, connection, authentic expression through body activities, moving inside the natural landscape of the grove, unity singing, circle dance, gratitude cards, personal empowerment & solidarity games.
The workshop took place inside the serene Syggrou Grove in the Northern Suburbs of Athens, on Sunday, the 13th of May 2018 (Mother’s Day). The parents experienced games/activities as a strong invitation to a deeper connection with the Self and Joy, cultivation of trust, grounding, humour, creativity, honouring our inner powers/potential, heart opening.


The l a n g u a g e of c o n n e c t i o n invites us
to connect with our deeper qualities,
to explore and identify our needs and values
to be in the position to articulate and communicate them (verbally, non-verbally) to ourselves and the others
to establish peaceful relationships which support our self-growth and that of the others
to invigorate peace culture within human interactions
to inspire younger ages (children, teenagers) and support them in their journey towards maturity, efficiency, power, wisdom, compassion, deep happiness.
It supports us in understanding our co-humans of every age after being able to understand ourselves.
It develops a peaceful communication, often through disagreement, which becomes the platform to appreciate the present moment and the gifts of this disagreement.
The language of connection identifies itself as both assertive and empathic, promoting genuine communication, self-growth and unconditional love.
It empowers ourselves, beyond any traces of fear and promotes us not only to healthy and efficient communicators but mainly self-fulfilled human entities.

During the experiential work for adults, we address and work upon the following questions:
- What choices do I have when the other(s) say(s) «Nο»?
- Could disagreement become a solid platform to connect with the Other? How?
- How do we emit connection messages through our holistic presence (body posture, facial expression, eye contact/communication, gestures, tone of voice, angle of approach, distance etc.)?
- Which are our options in the moment of crisis/conflict?
- Why the “don’t” and the “never” disempower and demolish communication bridges?
- How many ways do I have to ask for something?
- Are we able to trace what our co-human feels and needs when s/he goes out of own peace mode?
- How do we build positivity and peaceful energy in our family/group/school/working environment?
- How do we take care of ourselves in crisis moment, keeping the connection with the other at the same time?
- Are we aware of our psychological ‘buttons’? Do our needs pass through the other side?
- How do we manage to cultivate the value of respect for ourselves and our kid(s) and simultaneously offer guidance and experience? How do we offer this guidance?
- How could we support the establishment of unanimity & mutuality amongst people of principle(i.e. two parents, school teachers, educators, job supervisors, group leaders etc.)?
- Which are the qualities of praise which promote growth mindset and the spark towards life endeavours within the individual/group?
- How do we become models of wisdom and positivity without talking?
- How do we ‘celebrate’ with our group/family everyday? Why celebrating is of high importance?

Participants are invited to work via
- simulation dialogues and case-studies from everyday incidents ,emerging from the participants’ experiences
- practical/experiential activities/games
- suggestions, Qs & As
- the five languages of Love
- the game of positivity
- experiencing emotional hug towards co-humans and the Self
- techniques/tools towards care and transforming the negativity especially when in crisis moments
- practice in non verbal communication, especially when in disagreement
- paths to restore constructive peace, positivity and celebration in interpersonal and group interactions

Participants come to the workshop with a notebook & comfortable clothes.
Certificates of participation are being delivered at the end of each workshop.

"Experiential Understanding of the Idea of Truce"

The programme has been running since the end of 2012 and has invited facilitators, social workers and educators of children's groups in the age of primary education as well as teachers of primary education to receive tools, methodology and inspiration for the application of the idea and practice of Truce in everyday life, within the school communities, camps and other children's groups, at home, at the workplace, during workshops and seminars etc.

Core values: Constructive dialogue, conflict management, sincere/honest connection, peaceful interaction, win-win solutions, social/interpersonal skills, self-awareness


"The space for the educator's and student's intrinsic power: Creativity, Surprise, Trust, Positivity, Cooperation"

The workshops invite the participants into activities, exercises, presentations, plays, games:
-self-confidence and trust to the qualities of the Self,
-boldness & improvisation inside and outside the family's/classroom's environment,
-engagement of the holistic Self (body movement, memory, eye contact, voice, breath, body posture/language),
-the contemporary need for collaborations and synergies,
-the 'gifts' of our intrinsic silence
-the need of assimilation during every levels and moments of the educational process.
The workshops take place within schools or any place that suits each workshop's practicalities and participants' needs.
Their duration varies (3 hours, 7 hours, two-day workshop) according to the participants' needs and their willingness to reach deeper grounds regarding their Self (realisation).

For the exact schedule and dates of the workshops, please keep your contact with us: 210 5616300, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Gifts & Qualities of the Right Brain - R-mode: Keep it right!

The workshop addresses every adult pesron, office employees, accountants, bank employees, teachers, educators, seminars' facilitators, people that abstain from occupations and activities which activate the right part of the brain and the qualities it supports.
The workshop is particularly experiential, driving each participant to active participation into the exercises - for the individual and the group - and games towards the invigoration of the 'forgotten' right part of the brain and 'healthy' bridging with the left one.
Short presentations, drawing drafts, writing exercises, sumi-e and calligraphy, music and sounds are some of the workshop's elements.
Duration: 6 hours (3+3)

The workshop aims at:
- supporting balanced brain function,
- providing with paths towards inspired decisions, creativity and boldness in everyday life,
- offering tools for the establishment of the person's good relationship with time and space,
- supporting and strengthening at maximumthe processes of focusing and observation within the flow of the day, in order for the person to reach deeper perception levels and wiser choices,
- providing the participants with the 'save energy' experience when they function with their right brain strengthened
Keep in touch with us. The workshop is being scheduled regularly through the year...


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