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terms of use and policies

Terms of use & policies

Your statutory rights are not affected by any of the following terms & policies.

Acceptance of Terms of Use & Policies:
The use of files and information requires full acceptance of the hereby given  policies & terms of use which the visitor/user is hereby asked to carefully read and accept, in order to keep on using this website. Using this website and provided services presupposes full and complete acceptance of our policies and terms of use. In case the visitor does not fully agree, s/he is hereby requested not to use any page or part of this website. «Τhe s p i r a l» keeps the right of changing the website’s content as well as the terms of use and policies, whenever this is necessary, without any prior or further notice. All visitors/users are obliged to inform themselves and fully give their consent, if they intend to visit this website.

Limitation of Liability:
The use of the website is made upon the visitors' own risk and solely with their free will. No liability can be reclaimed whatsoever concerning any damage or harm of any kind that may directly or indirectly result from the given information, photos, material in general. Any use of the provided material and further actions are made by the visitors’ free choice and will. «Τhe s p i r a l» is also not liable for any kind of material in digital or physical form being sent to us without prior agreement between the two parts. In these cases we may use this material for information and teaching purposes via our website, without any copyrights' claim by the sender.

General: All digital files as well as posted articles, texts, photos etc. of are the property of and are copyrighted to «the s p i r a l». Thus they exist only for personal use and they are not to be reproduced, copied or distributed without written permission by «the s p i r a l».
Specified: In case you wish to use material (text, image etc.), you need to contact us for permission of use.

Any material by third parties, in the website, bring the information of the source via a label or/and relevant web link. For any use of such material please contact the copyrights' owners directly.

Hyperlinks (Links):
Links to other websites, web pages, blogs etc. do not necessarily imply our consent to the provided material in those web spaces. All visitors may follow the provided links with free will and choice, on their own risk.

Participation in special seminars/workshops & events:
Advance payment for events with participation’s fee: All participants have to make their advance payment within the given deadline each time to secure their participation and book their place. The rest of the amount is being paid on the first day of the seminar/workshop.
Cancellations: Cancellations are accepted until 10 days before the seminar/workshop with full refund of the advance payment, unless it is stated otherwise in the relevant seminar's announcement. For cancellations after the announced deadline, no refund can be reclaimed.
For seminars/workshops provided in other locations in Greece or abroad, refund of the advance payment is given only 3 weeks before the event. For cancellations less than 3 weeks before the event, no refund can be reclaimed.
In case of cancellation on the organisers’ behalf the participant may choose between refund or keeping the advance payment for a future seminar’s date.

Privacy Information:
We have created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy. Your IP address may be used in order to help with diagnosing problems with the server and/or administering the web site and not be used for any other cause, i.e. dissemination to third parties.
This site may contain links to other sites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such web sites.


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