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Global Education

Programmes for children of primary and secondary schools, inspired by methods and approaches of Global Education
A recent experience of our organisation has been the 3-hour workshop with children of 5-10 year old, in the space for creativity, education and play, “Hello Kids” at Chalandri, on the 7th of July 2011. The work was focused on and triggered by the special experiential exercise "Through other doors” of the European programme Global Education without boarders. Enhancing Development Education in Central-Eastern European countries. Partner organisation for the implementation of the programme in our country has been 'European Perspective'.

The implementation of the workshop in Chalandri has been realised thanks to the cooperation of our organisation with the coordinator of the programme in Greece, Dr Eugenia Vathakou. For more information about the European programme, please visit

Some goals of the workshop ...

The children become acquainted with various types of houses and lifestyles/modus vivendi of certain people and nations over the planet.
Each group of children seeks for the bit(s) of information which is/are relevant and important during their work based on a text.
... discuss in groups, form opinions and preferences and they present them to the rest of the groups.
... use creatively the knowledge derived from a text into a 2-d or 3-d construction/artwork.
... trace the countries of the people and houses on a global map, according to the information received from the texts.
... form their opinions on what a house means to them, especially the concept of the family nest.
... compare their points of view with the rest of the children and groups and these of the children-narrators of the exercise’s texts.
... are drawn to conclusions concerning the risks involved in stereotypes which are often formed within us as for the house, the life and everyday routine of certain people and nations around the globe.

Moreover, during the workshop special emphasis has been given upon the human values of collaboration, participation, initiative, responsibility, support, acceptance, tolerance, respect to the space and time of others and positivity.



Art walks in Athens’ art spaces

Art visits with small groups of children to art galleries and cultural spaces in Athens.

Main objective are:
- direct contact with the visual arts creation
- the availability/provision of space and time to/for them
- the individual and group expression
- realising the gifts of collaborative initiatives
- the cultivation of healthy boundaries
- awareness of everyday roles which distract the children from their true self


Workshops with sensitive social groups

A small group of primary education children stemming from the immigrants’ society of Gazi, Athens experienced their first museum experience one Saturday of November (27.11.2011), under the occasion of Makis Theofylaktopoulos solo exhibition at the ground floor of Benaki Pireos Museum and the photography exhibition “25 years after” of contemporary artists that have studied and graduated from the Technical Educational Foundation, Athens.

The children were given the opportunity to experience the museum architectural space, understand better and come closer to a museum’s role, express their opinion and sentiments about the exhibitions and their presentation/curating, trace and pinpoint common grounds with their own lives, experiment through artistic drafts of their own and feel the Art, as well as the artistic creation in general, close to them.



Thematic/subject workshops

Children aged 5-12 years old are invited to work via the vehicle of visual arts within a series of workshops on subjects such as:

meeting and collaboration, inspiration, image-text/passage/speech-sound, the power of the colours, the meaning and importance of composition, blur-clear, the triptych: dot-line-surface, symmetries, rhythm and pace, small-large and scale, land art


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