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Peace Food for personal and collective transformation

2-day experiential and highly participative adults' workshops throughout the year
- the holistic approach of the peace food more than a plant-based diet
- environment, sustainability, eco footprints, individual and collective consumption
- social equality, abundance for everybody
- integrative justice
- global human values
- spirituality, conscience
- unity and the New Story, the Story of Connection
In addition, during each workshop special sessions are desinged and provided:
- breaking myths and stereotypes
- peaceful and healthy cooking, nutritional value, food sources and provisions, food combinations
- social life (restaurants, celebrations, gatherings, parties)
- food preparation
- connection with our food
- peace activism/advocacy and education


Gifts & Qualities of the Right Brain - R-mode: Keep it right!

The workshop addresses every adult pesron, office employees, accountants, bank employees, teachers, educators, seminars' facilitators, people that abstain from occupations and activities which activate the right part of the brain and the qualities it supports.

The workshop is particularly experiential, driving each participant to active participation into the exercises - for the individual and the group - and games towards the invigoration of the 'forgotten' right part of the brain and 'healthy' bridging with the left one.

Short presentations, drawing drafts, writing exercises, sumi-e and calligraphy, music and sounds are some of the workshop's elements.

Duration: 6 hours (3+3)

The workshop aims at:

- supporting balanced brain function,
- providing with paths towards inspired decisions, creativity and boldness in everyday life,
- offering tools for the establishment of the person's good relationship with time and space,
- supporting and strengthening at maximumthe processes of focusing and observation within the flow of the day, in order for the person to reach deeper perception levels and wiser choices,
- providing the participants with the 'save energy' experience when they function with their right brain strengthened

Keep in touch with us. The workshop is being scheduled regularly through the year...


7-hour experiential workshop for foreign language teachers and educators of the private & public sector

4th of September 2011, ΤΙΤΑΝΙΑ Hotel, Athens

"The space for the educator's and student's intrinsic power: Creativity, Surprise, Trust, Positivity, Cooperation"


The workshop invited teachers and educators to activities regarding:

-self-confidence and trust of the qualities of the Self,
-boldness & improvisation inside and outside the classroom's environment,
-engagement of the holistic Self (body movement, memory, eye contact, voice, breath, body posture/language),
-the contemporary need for collaborations and synergies,
-the need of assimilation during every levels and moments of the educational process.

The workshop was organised by the "etc - Educational & Training Consultants".


...for Volunteers of organisations, foundations, societies, NGOs

The workshops aim at providing volunteers of non-profit bodies mainly with tools, resources and inspirations as well as accentuating the experiential aspect of each tool and methodology provided.

Main fields of the workshops:

- Coordination with the true Self: scanning, tracing

- Positivity

- The art of Listening

- Cooperation - trust - surprise

- Consistency - initiative - observation

- Actions and activities based on creativity and various audiences' activation

- Development of the 'environmental' information in collaborative, economical, intelligent mode

Recent example: seminar for the volunteers of the Greek Society for the Protection of Nature (Jan.-April 2011)



Experiential workshops for teachers on Human Rights

 Environmental Education Centre, Drapetsona, Piraeus, 12.03.2011

"Surprise, silence and peace, creativity: human rights as values for the individual and the group".

The workshop has been a part of the two-day seminar: «Children's rights in Education, Art & Environment»



Meetings for teachers and educators of the Greek periphery: personal and professional development


the s p i r a l was invited to the 1st Panhellenic Symposium of the Greek Society of Teachers responsible for the cultural activities, issues and affairs within and among schools in the geographical peripheries of Greece.

Subject of the symposium: "When Arts develop conversations within school..."

8th-10th of January, Moraitis School, Old Psychiko, Athens

The two main subject pillars of the symposium have been:

a) arts collaboration within the school, multiple relations among various arts fields
b) the arts as educational tool for various subjects

A snapshot from our work with the teachers during the workshop "the s p i r a l of dreams and visions"


Collaborations with Environmental Education Centres: training seminars, animation, educating teachers of primary and secondary education on environment and sustainability issues





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