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Tell me and I will forget.

Show me and I may remember.

Involve me and I will understand. Confucius, 450 BC

Since its establishment our organization focuses on experiential learning receiving inspirations and methodology from all over the globe, approaches and schools of knowledge from West and East, of which the starting point is the active engagement of the learner - potential educator simultaneously - in every case.
Experiential learning invites every age group and professional orientation.

Core element of our work is the holistic approach within every educational process and/or multifarious activities (festivals, public art, community art, interdisciplinary initiatives, etc.) with an emphasis upon community spirit/solidarity consciousness, work with the Self, being conscious of various 'environmental' factors (i.e. nature, neighbourhood, school, educational background, family, social dynamics). 

Moreover, discoveries about the Self and our relationship with the world around us are highly encouraged, since our organisation has been working with individuals and groups towards self-awareness via the Arts, visual arts, theatre, dance and synaesthesia, community/group work tools.


the spiral, holistic education has been also providing training seminars to educators, facilitators, social workers, teachers and NGOs’ volunteers on a number of topics: body language, human values in the educational process, alternative educational approaches, the music and sound in the educational process, conflict management, the language of the connection, transformation of the risk and the unexpected, team building, arts, art therapy, the right brain, arts in the environmental education, the dynamics of peace food diet, constructive activism and social responsibility, active citizenship, solidarity schemes etc.


Specialised adults’ cycles of trainings have been tailored to meet specific needs of groups of people for personal advancement and self-empowerment.


The art walks for children and adults in museums, galleries, foundations and art spaces in Athens and the wider area of Attica, twice a month, have been inviting participants to draw the gifts of observing, speculating, sharing, experiencing, inspiring and being inspired, implementing and realising…The spaces are selected according to their exhibition’s focus and conceptual content. The groups are usually consisted of max 10 persons.

Age-bridging workshops for parents & children have been coordinated, focusing on the dialogue of "Image-Word/Speech/Discourse”, art therapy and the language of the connection.


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