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Our organisation, the  s p i r a l, holistic education, human values, personal development, invites pupils and teachers from primary and secondary education schools to cooperate and work together within the context of an experiential workshop which aims at the creation of a large scaled Christmas tree constructed by recycling or potentially recycled materials, for internal or external spaces of the school.

The initiative mainly aims at the children's sensitision on recycling and energy issues, respect to the environment, responsible consumer's and active citizen's behaviour as well as their creativity's awakening and support. In addition, they become acquainted with the role of art in the public space, community art projects and the social and political responsibility of the artist. The participants exercise and refine their perception, expand their world, are invited to bold proposals and compositions, learn how to cultivate and establish creative approaches towards life.

Suggested time duration: 3 hours (during two school days, for practical reasons i.e. drying of the materials etc.)

Apart from the practical session for the Christmas tree construction, we suggest that the children have the opportunity to view selected images and presentations which touch upon important issues of what is called 'alternative art fields', such as public and community art, and participate in fertile dialogue with the whole group.

Suggested materials for the construction could be: metallic parts and objects (i.e. from bicycles, toys, kitchen's utensils, garden's tools, cans), fabrics, ribbons, plastic bottles, used objects (broken dοlls, accessories, toys), etc..


For more information, inspiration and the metamorphosis of useless objects to unique, special, Christmas group creations, please call at 210.5616300 or send us an email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .




Further to our Christmas recycling tree, we invite school groups to work with us in a workshop for enlivening a school wall with special techniques and motifs related to Global Human Values, Christmas values and messages.





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