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art walks & workshops

In situ workshops for autonomous groups of children (4,5 up to 14-year old) and school groups (of primary and secondary education) within art galleries, museums, cultural spaces of the wider area of Athens

- experiential exercises/games
- observation
- body movement, drama/theatre games
- art drafts, drawings, sketches, paintings, collages, artistic experimentations/creations
- narration
- solo and group works
-group dynamics games and exercises

Main targets
→ activating each child’s potentiality
→ exercising the ‘critical eye’, creative research and deep observation
→ experiencing the present /the ‘moment’,
→ taking responsibility and role within the group,
→ trusting and sharing,
→ perceiving and realizing the power of team-working,
→ building healthy boundaries,
→ enjoying the process of personal and/or group creations

A presentation of the children’s work or/and texts/narrations/poems is being scheduled each year in June. Our gathering is being hosted in an artist’s studio or other space suitable to our initiative.
Maximum participants’ number: up to 7 children (for autonomous groups), up to 12 (for school groups)

The programme of the workshops follows the schedule of the selected exhibitions.

For more details please call us at 210 5616300 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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