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actions, exhibitions, festivals

unity singing & circle dance

Experiential meetings, celebrations, monthly sessions, trainings
invite everybody to participate
regardless of age, physical/voice condition, music background, occupation, interests

Up to now several sessions have been implemented at Kypseli's Municipal Agora (Athens, Greece), Athens University, the main entrance of the Municipality's building at Ermoupoli, Syros island (Greece), Life-Blossom multi-space, primary schools in Attica, orphanages, cooperative cafes, spaces for alternative healing, NGOs for eldaerly people, homes for elderly people, Korogonas Ark eco-community and other communities iin Europe, during European Erasmus+ Youth programmes, groups of studens.

enotiko tragoudi


Songs of easy verses/lyrics and uniting, harmonious, lyrical melodies from secular and sacred traditions of Europe, Asia, Africa, North & South America, Australia, islands of the Pacific Ocean, as well as of circle dances for global peace & harmonious co-existence.

The majority of the songs is embraced by simple movements in the circle which accentuates the meaning and symbolisms of each song while simultaneously cultivate unity & connection spirit/atmosphere.

♥ inner power ♥ voice & self- acceptance ♥ joy from authentic, effortless expression ♥ enjoyment of the moment ♥ experimentation ♥ playfulness ♥ sharing ♥ unity’s power ♥ solidarity spirit ♥ positivity ♥ e-motions ♥ connection with mother earth ♥ grounding ♥ emergence of peace communities

3 circle dance offer

Each voice has a message to the world and its vibration is unique!
When human voices unite through the global language of music, everything becomes possible and simple.
The beneficial vibration, the inner power and the uniting spirit multiply for the collective good!

Comments, impressions from participants

"[…] moving songs, songs from various parts of the world on various topics such as the birth, the good, our mission, how much we are all ONE, our connection with Gaia. Sweet sensation, warm, with joy and positivity. Inspiration to us and the people who were watching us. Bright energies were finding their grounding in the sweet earth of Ermoupolis in Syros island, Greece! I thank you with infinite love!"

26.08.2019 @ Ermoupoli, Syros, S.P.

"I received a small, sweet flavour of the circle dances with Maria. I wish thαt soon we could all experience more."

26.08.2019 @ Ermoupoli, Syros, G.

"I realised that unity and companionship have been beneficial for me . […] I shall try to connect with the others.”
02.02.2019, University of Athens Students’ Association

“I was impressed by the fact that one verse of/from the heart and the movement unite people. […] I have learnt about myself that I need more movement.”
02.02.2019, University of Athens Students’ Association, G.M.

"It was very welcoming and peaceful. A new experience and a feeling that I can connect with people even if I don’t understand the language. […] I learned that it takes me a bit of time to feel relaxed in a group. At first I felt cautious but at the end I was more at peace."

30.11.2018, S.

"I am impressed that I was less embarrassed than what I thought I would be. [...] De-blockage, re-thinking. [...] Apparently I enjoy hugs with strangers. [...] Very nice! Maria [the facilitator], you have 100% got it!"

30.11.2018, Κ.Κ.


"How singing can unite people! […] Thank you for your beautiful activity."
30.11.2018, Ν.S.


"I felt joy and unity with the participants [...] a joyful, creative flow within myself. [...] I deeply appreciate the training/education you have received [Maria] and the fact that you deliver it to us so generously, in order to open up towards something beautiful and new to me."
November 2017, P.Ν.

"Serenity, clarity, great joy, relaxing, surrendering [...] power, gratitude, cooperation."
November 2017, D.S.

"I take with me the connection with the group and the earth, the relief I felt when singing and dancing, the fact that I managed to focus my thoughts and my body on the Moment. [...] I was impressed how singing and dancing can unite people [...]"
November 2017, P.Κ.

"The sounds of the music and the peoples liberate the Human towards participating and feeling great joy. [...] There are so many which constitute a blessing calling to be found. [...] I realized the opening of the heart and the mutual collaboration. [...]"
November 2017, Μ.H.

"Thank you very much, Maria for the 2-hour session of connection and unity you offered to us.
It has been far more better than any afternoon rest or meeting with friends.
The experience has warmed up not only our voices but also our hearts.
As if through magic we travelled to spaces and countries first-known to us and we connected with other people in the group positively unexpectedly. [...]"
November 2017, A.S.

"Through singing in the circle we literally became a team, our hearts opened and we felt familiarity as if known each other well from the past... Hence, the wishes flew natural as effortless expression towards beloved ones!
Beautiful experience! We thank you, Maria :) Have a great continuation!"
November 2017, Ο.Τ.

"I warmly thank you for the invitation to the workshop and its beautiful content, the songs, the dance and particularly the warm atmosphere among the participants. [...] Before closing I would like to stress the emotional movement within me due to the stories which accompanied each of the songs from traditions of the globe which our facilitator, Maria Angeli, conveyed to us […] A big bravo to Ms Angeli and a lot of gratitude towards her endeavours to reach and generously offer this valuable material to us. :)"

November 2017, V.S.

"The singing and dancing have rejuvenated us, made us travel [with our minds and hearts] and united us with other races & groups of people of this planet. An unforgettable life experience, a musical meditation of joy and soul empowerment. Gratitude for the invitation….Hope to meet again soon!

November, 2017, Fanis


performative poetry dedicated to Unity

diagonal unity
chinese cahier/self-knowledge at 03.20

23rd of March 2017, “Hestia” herbs/tea shop, Athens

2 poets

2 musicians

1 actress

& the audience

unite their inspirations and powers

in an evening dedicated to poetry.

It has been an action, emanating from maria a. angeli’s poems (maria a. angeli is member of the organisation “the spiral, holistic education”, holistic trainer & art curator)and Demosthenes Agrafiotis, poet & intermedia artist.

Just two days after the celebration of the Global Day for Poetry

an evening  at the beginning of the spring honoured Unity via performative poetry and emotions, surprises, humour, turn-overs and the interaction amongst poets, musicians, one actress and the guests.

The evening was inspired by the continuous work and initiatives of the organisation «the spiral, holistic education» upon Unity and it is dedicated to the power of Unity.

Free entrance

concept: maria a. angeli

poetry: maria a. angeli Demosthenes Agrafiotis
music: Stella Pappa, Vassilis Romanos

with the kind participation of Michele Valley


"The dynamics of the Peace Food Diet"

Monthly meetings & Experiential Workshops for Adults 

On the 1st Thursday of every month the monthly meeting of the Peace Food Diet initiative in Greece takes place at the Plato's Academy cooperative café, in Athens. Friends, collaborators, activists, parents, vegans, vegans-in-progress (!), people from different walks of life gather together to discuss the dimensions of the Peace Food Diet movement, its impact and gifts in various fields of life and the well-being of the planet.

During the evening selected screenings trigger, complement and embrace the discussion points of the group as well as readings and art creations in-situ.

From October 2015 until June 2016 each monthly meeting is inpsired and dedicated to a global human value: freedom, sincerity/truth, generocity/offer, gratitude/love/compassion etc.

Adults' Workshop and the 1st vegan pledge in Greece

Athens, 1st of November 2014

The first experiential workshop in Greece on Peace Food (Diet) was implemented with success and warm participation. The workshop also launched the first vegan pledge in Greece, which is supported by monthly gatherings towards a compassionate, conscious, healthy peace food diet, a food diet which promotes and serves global human values.

The workshop was hosted in the space of the Plato Academia Cooperative Café in Attica; it has been inspired by and dedicated to the 70-year anniversary of the global Peace Food Diet movement.

The workshop consisted of experiential games and activities, the ‘holistic eye’ upon our every day food choices, screenings and group discussions upon the hidden dimensions/hidden agendas of our choices as food consumers, the connection between food, our personal development and spirituality as well as global issues, Qs & As, group sharing and empathy, cooking and lunch. During lunch time more questions and doubts emerged which everybody had the chance to satisfy and answer after enjoying the well-balanced, highly nutritional, inspired, peace dishes!
Stay tuned for the next experiential workshops in Attica and all over Greece!
Please do invite us to your locality to implement a Peace Food Diet workshop and start a vegan pledge network in your community…

Let us all contribute to increasing the global peace food family!

Core topics: Our consciousness integrity, peace with the Self, contemporary death/cruelty/oppression culture, serious environmental/social/financial and political global issues, hidden agendas, our connection with our planet’s female element and the maternity of our ecosystem.

Everybody is welcome to the monthly gatherings (screenings & discussion) of the Peace Food Diet initiative, in the evening of the first Wednesday each month.
Location: Plato Academia Cooperative Café

"The dynamics of the Peace Food Diet" in Greece has been a joyful offspring of the collaboration between the organisation «the spiral, holistic education, human values, lifelong learning» and the «veganism now, peace food diet» initiative.


 "the gifts of peace"

3-day action with the plenary of a school community in Piraeus

21st-23rd of April 2015

The action was dedicated to the gifts which peace is offering everyday, since our planet is urgently in need of these gifts. The initiative was also inspired by the 22nd of April, the world Mother Earth's day and its global celebration.

The 3-day action provided tools and techniques to pupils and teachers towards the achievement of peace interactions in their everyday life. It also familiarised experientially every participant with the qualities, benefits and practices of peaceful thoughts and actions.

An art intervetion was created in the school with the collaboration of the pupils, the teachers and an artist, one of the main facilitators of the initiative. The art installation is integrated in the school environment and constitutes "the peace and love niche", embracing in its ambience and space everybody present in the school premises.

The event reached its peak during the 3rd day when everybody participated in the peaceful march "the peace footsteps" in the neighbouring park.

The pupils experienced peaceful activism, shared emotions, expressed themselves, collaborated, learned, offered support to each other, discussed, created artworks, sang, became peace makers within their school and their life in overall (hopefully)! Peace seeds are planted within them. Pupils and teachers have taken the responsibility for their growth further on...

The peace gifts are sustainable and resilient. The more we offer them the more they become!

For the 3-day action there has also been a post in the website of the International Community for the Compassion:


Christmas Love Festivity - Archaggelos village, Lakonia, Southern Greece


Love, offer, solidarity, smile, companionship, sharing, creativity, warmth...

What else could we humans ask for these days!

On Sunday, the 23rd of December 2012 children and adults are invitied to:

- Christmas carols and hymns in four languages (greek, english, german, russian)
- Collective painting
- Narrations of tales, fables, stories and texts with important social messages
- Bio products' and small art creations' bazaar
- Small exchanging books fair
- Group games
- Collective kitchen
- Singing & Dancing


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Global Peace Day, 21.09.2012

Visual artworks, discussions, walks in nature

The 21st of September each year has been declared, since 1981, by the United Nations as the official Global Peace Day, where people around the globe are invited to create a piece of art together, sing, dance, discuss, organise festivals, charity events, panels and festivities, inspired by the experience and notion of Peace.

Our organisation in cooperation with children from Lakonia area in Southern Greece implemented for the year 2012 a visual arts workshop for children of the area under the thematic "Moments of Peace in my Life - Moments of Peace in the world around me". We also invited the participating children to walk within nature and discuss issues of Peace.

For the Global Peace Day 2013 we are scheduling the implementation of large land art works, in collaboration with organisations from abroad.


"Good Food, Good Farming"

Symbolic bike-march in Lakonia, Southern Greece (Papadianika and Plytra villages)


The Good Food Good Farming campaign was launched in 2012 to mobilise citizens to take action and demand good food and good farming across Europe.

Over the past 50 years, our taxes have been used to support industrialized food production. This form of agriculture is threatening the existence of our farmers in the global North and South. It creates global food insecurity on the one hand and mountains of food waste on the other. It destroys the environment because it relies on the overuse of chemical fertilisers, harmful pesticides and fossil fuels. Factory farms depend on imported soy for animal feed. They disregard animal welfare, aggravate climate change and lead to the abandonment of rural areas. We call for a major rethink of our food and farming system. The CAP (Common Agriculture Policy) must change!
During summer 2012, farmers, citizens and young people from across Europe marched to Brussels by foot, bicycle or tractor. Along their way they took part in events, actions and protests. People were invited to come to Brussels on the 19th September 2012 to demand that the European Union delivers good food and good farming.

Three collective bodies in Greece, “the spiral, holistic education, human values, lifelong learning”, the farmers-consumers network “Agronautes” and the bicycle lending club “Podilatoparea”, organised a bike march in Lakonia region of Greece in support of the Good Food, Good Farming european march. We gathered in the parking lot of the municipality building of Monemvasia, in Papadianika village and we strolled through the village handing out leaflets about this cause and explaining in person the reasons for the need to re-establish a healthy environment for all. We made our voice heard at least for a day, but we keep spreading the word for sustainable methods of agriculture by our own actions and daily practice.

Greetings from Greece and good luck to everybody involved!

It’s time for fair prices for farmers and shoppers!

It’s time to take our environment seriously!

It’s time for food sovereignty!

It’s time to deliver good food and good farming everywhere!


"Love Bicycles" in Plytra, Lakonia (Southern Greece)

Photo-paint and support the Bicycle Culture

18th of August 2012

The Lending Bicycles' Society in Plytra (Municipality of Monemvasia) celebrated its first year of action with a local bicycles' ride for every age and an experiential workshop proposed and facilitated by the s p i r a l.

Children of every age were invited to participate in group dynamics games, painting and collage, in order to co-create a site-specific collective piece of art, dedicated to the benefits and 'gifts' of using the bicycle in our everyday life.

The children expressed great interest in the activity and managed to apply mixed media, symbols and clear ideas so as to depict Love Bicycles upon the long collective art work. Among the basic goals of the workshop had been the invigoration of the bicycle culture, promoting sustainable choices and collaboration in our daily life, as basic human values.

Best wishes to the Plytra Bicycles' Society and many happy returns!


Ecofestival 2011

Our organisation participated in the largest Panhellenic Bio Food, Products and Services Fair, Ecofestival, which was hosted in the MEC, at Paiania, Attica, 25-28.11.2011.

A variety of parallel events framed and enriched the delicate and contemporary focus of the fair some of which our organisation coordinated and offered to the visitors of every age. A talk on the myths and truths of energetic cuisine and nutritional diet, experiential environmental exercises and games as well as activities on global human values, in connection with what surrounds us, were introduced to the public.

A highlighted moment of our participation in the Fair was the experiential games and exercises with the students' participation of the Aghia Paraskevi Special High School for teenagers with hearing deficiencies.




«Educating the Citizens of Tomorrow»

Knowledge, Creativity, Play













Technopolis transformed itself into Mikropolis again, 21st-25th of September 2011!

A unique in its genre educational initiative has been hosting under its umbrella universities, institutes, museums, cultural and educational foundations, non-profit bodies, NGOs, bringing forward experiential and innovative activities for children and families.

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religion, Mikropolis 2011 has been the first educational excursion of the year for the primary education pupils over the Greek state, providing them with the opportunity to start their new school year...through playing!

In this festival our organisation the s p i r a l implemented continuous workshops with school groups, autonomous children groups, parents and families within the festival sector dedicated to the notion and experience of the FAMILY. The spiral of human values: love, peace, collaboration, creativity, unity, non-violence... and other global human values 'registered' vigorously within each child via holistic educational approaches.

For second time since 2010, the MIKROPOLIS festival has been supporting the Hadjikyriakeio Foundation for Children's Protection.


The s p i r a l was invited by the "Peliti" organisation to participate in the 11th Panhellenic Gathering/Celebration for Local Varieties' Exchange on the 30th of April 2011.

Organisers: "Peliti" Alternative Community, Paranesti Environmental Education Cetnre, with the support of Paranesti Municipality
The Panhellenic Celebration has been the main annual event of the 'Peliti' organisation for the local seeds' varieties and native farm animals.

Goals of the festivity/celebration:
1.      As many as possible farmers receive traditional varieties' seeds and plants of vegetables, cereals etc.
2.      Local varieties' farmers come together and exchange varieties, information and experiences
3.      Farmers not having access to traditional seeds come across with/find traditional varieties
4.      Every exchange takes place freely without the medium of money

The s p i r a l invited every person in the Gathering to participate in the creation of "the Double Spiral of Life" upon the land of Peliti, inspired by land art installations and the power of the Seed and Unity.
The community art intervention has been dedicated to every seed, hand and heart on Earth.


Greek Artists' Books in the annual international contemporary art fair ART-ATHINA 2010

In continuance to our organisation's cooperation with cultural bodies and its experience in the contemporary art field, the s p i r a l has been invited to implement the curatorial research and presentation of nearly 120 artists' book by more than 60 contemporary Greek artists from Greece and abroad for the exhibition Greek Artists' Books: Contemporary Artworks & Editions.

The visitors of the international art fair ART-ATHINA 2010 welcomed the initiative with great positivity, expressing the need of today's world towards focusing, inspiration and coordinated work, a process to which the artist's book itself genuinely invites during its production-creation stage as well as its peculiar and original to individual art lovers 'reading'.





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